Thank you very much for visiting.

On January 1, 2024, I successfully launched my business in Amsterdam. I am truly grateful for the warm support from everyone.

During this time, despite being caught up in various tasks, I have been gradually progressing with the planning and creation of product designs. Additionally, I have been sharing photos and videos I’ve captured in the past on Instagram and YouTube for your reference.

I am looking forward to continuing various challenges and embracing new opportunities. I appreciate your ongoing support.

Company Profile

Company NameSweet Tone
PseudonymAmane Tohkeine
EstablishmentThe first of January 2024
KVK number92377505
BTW number (VAT 21%)NL004950968B57
Business contentProduct Developer/Graphic Designer/Media Creator

Challenging YouTube

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Urban Elegance
Tulip Tidbits: Exploring Tulip Types and Dutch Heritage - Amsterdam Tulip Festival 2024
Nature Elegance